Stillwater Economic Development Authority

Stillwater Economic Development Authority

The Stillwater Economic Development Authority (SEDA) is a public trust with the City of Stillwater as beneficiary and the city councilors designated as trustees. The main purpose is the improvement of the economic climate of the trust beneficiary.

Methods of improving the economic climate may include, but are not limited to, assisting in acquisition of financial resources to improve availability of housing, redevelopment of blighted areas and other economic activities such as tax increment finance districts

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Stillwater City Council

The Stillwater City Council (councilors are also seated as SEDA trustees) has consistently supported economic development through provision of necessary public services and facilities including police, fire, emergency management, electric, water/wastewater, waste management, streets, stormwater, library and parks.

As part of the council's strategic priorities, the City plans for future development and services. This includes providing a one-stop shop and an efficient and timely review process for development customers.

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Stillwater Economic Development Advisory Council 

The Stillwater Economic Development Advisory Council is an ad hoc group for SEDA to help ensure that economic development initiatives and programs (public and private sectors) for the Stillwater community are compatible, coordinated and focused on common goals.

The advisory council is comprised of members from the Stillwater Chamber of CommerceOklahoma State University and the City of Stillwater