Industrial Adaptive Reuse Project

Industrial Adaptive Reuse Project

What are the opportunities in this decommissioned electric generation facility? How can reusing this interesting space help reinvigorate our community?  

Boomer Lake Pump Station Project

The Location

Boomer Lake Station, which is owned by the City of Stillwater, is located at a busy intersection of Boomer and Lakeview Roads and sits at the southwest corner of Boomer Lake Park, a popular year-round recreational facility for OSU students and area residents. 

The park features a splash pad, playground, sunning deck, disc golf course and is surrounded by a 5K multipurpose trail that connects with other trails for a longer, scenic run or ride. 

The Property

This well-maintained, three-and-a-half story, stainless steel building is located in north-central Stillwater. Until 2016, the facility served as a back-up generation plant for the City's electric utility.

Map of Boomer Lake Pump Station property

Primary Property

The primary property is approximately 3.8 acres and zoned as P for public. The main building is 18,761 square foot, which breaks down as follows:

  • Ground floor is 9,945 square foot
  • ½ floor is 1,100 square foot
  • 2nd floor is 5,542 square foot
  • Top floor is 2,174 square foot

Adjacent Properties

  • Adjacent parcel at 2115 N Boomer Road is 0.48 acre
  • Adjacent parcel at 2107 N Boomer Road is 0.612 acre
  • Adjacent water surface area is approximately 10 acres


With the property overlooking Boomer Lake, concepts with outdoor activities are anticipated. Also, venues for unique vistas are highly encouraged.

Ideas for adaptive reuse

(buildings + adjacent properties + water area)

Main Building

Shop Building 

Adjacent Properties Water Area



Retail Space


Research Center

Rentable Space

Combination of uses inside building

Outdoor Patio



(Building can be removed)





Water Education

Water Rescue Training