Overview of Oklahoma Tax System

The Oklahoma tax system is composed of a range of taxes that are administered and collected by various state and local agencies. Each tax has a different base and rate. The following tables outlines the most significant taxes.

Overview of Oklahoma Tax System

1 Due to a reduction in loss costs and legislative reforms in 2013, this rate is expected to decrease about 10%.
2 Effective Tax Year 2016, due dates for Oklahoma corporate and partnership income tax returns are 30 days after the due dates for these types of returns under the Internal Revenue Code.

Source: FY 2018 Oklahoma Incentives and Tax Guide

Source: FY2018 Oklahoma Incentives & Tax Guide, page 57

Stillwater Sales Tax Rate

Pie Chart of Stillwater Sales Tax Rate

The total sales tax paid for purchases within Stillwater city limits is 8.813 percent (effective April 1, 2013).

Source: City of Stillwater

Payne County's Ad Valorem Tax Levies

Pie Chart of Stillwater and Payne County Ad Valorem Tax Levies

Source: Payne County Assessor