Public Safety

Public Safety

The Stillwater City Council's Strategic Plan states that one of its six priorities is "Safe Community." Its purpose is "To identify effective services that enhance relationships, responsiveness and quality customer service to promote a safe and secure community."

Police Services

The Stillwater Police Department (SFD) is a professional municipal department with 125 FTE.

In the 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 81 percent of residents surveyed, who had an opinion, were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” (rating of 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale) with the overall quality of police services; 80 percent were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the effectiveness of local police protection and 78 percent  were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with how quickly police respond to emergencies. Residents were least satisfied with parking enforcement services (60 percent  “very satisfied” or “satisfied”). 

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Stillwater Fire Department

The Stillwater Fire Department is a professional municipal department, comprised of 74 uniformed personnel and 2 non-uniformed, serving a jurisdiction of 28 square miles within Stillwater city limits and an estimated population of 49,000 and Oklahoma State University campus with an enrollment of more than 20,000. The fire service area includes a large section of Payne County and parts of Noble, Pawnee and Lincoln counties with a combined population of approximately 82,000.

SFD provides primary fire control and suppression within the city limits, OSU campus and the Stillwater Municipal Airport. We have standing mutual-aid agreements with the six other fire departments within Payne County. We are further prepared to provide mutual-aid contingents wherever and whenever they may be requested.

Besides fire suppression, the department responds to medical calls, hazardous materials incidents, all types of rescue and airport standby for large plane 
takeoffs and landings.

Emergency Medical:

The Stillwater Fire Department (SFD) provides first-responder services with 26 certified EMTs, 21 EMT-Intermediate/Advanced, and 23 Paramedics.

Hazardous Materials and Special Operations:

SFD is designated as a Region II Haz-Mat Response Team with 20 certified Hazardous Materials Technicians. The department has 23 specially trained members on the Special Operations Rescue Team trained in the following:

  • High Angle Rope Rescue

  • Trench Collapse Rescue

  • Confined Space Rescue

  • Structure Collapse Rescue

  • Water Rescue

The cost of these services to the community is primarily funded through the City’s general fund, a portion funding is generated by service provided outside the corporate city limits.


Annual inspections are conducted each year and are required by ordinance, law, or pertain to credentialing requirements for a variety of businesses. In addition, company inspections are assigned each year that focus on commercial structures that allow firefighters to familiarize themselves with buildings that are of a specific use. Types of inspections include the following:

  • All occupancies that obtain an alcoholic beverage license

  • All commercial occupancies

  • All OSU fraternity and sorority houses

  • All Stillwater Public Schools

  • All licensed Stillwater day cares

  • All licensed assisted living and nursing homes

  • All structures that contain fire sprinkler systems

  • All group home occupancies

  • Stillwater Medical Center and associated structures

  • Businesses with hood suppression systems

  • Counseling businesses requiring fire inspections for continued credentialing

Insurance Service Office Evaluation:

Insurance Service Office is a national company that provides standard risk analyses information to the majority of insurance underwriters on fire departments. From this evaluation, ISO will provide a Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating of Class 1 through Class 10 with a class 1 being the best rating. This PPC rating is used in determining rates for fire insurance for residential and commercial properties. Currently, ISO has established PPC ratings for over 48,000 communities across the United States.

The ISO evaluation recently completed for Stillwater Fire Department, netted the department an ISO PPC Class 2, one of only 1100 Class 2 Departments in the country.