Research & Development

Research & Development

Local Resources

Cowboy Technologies, LLC 
Organized in 2011, Cowboy Technologies is a for-profit, limited-liability company with a mission to be a catalyst for commercializing university inventions. They help clients create initial business models through extensive interface with the research faculty, coupled with using multiple market and industry business intelligence systems.

Meridian Technology Center: Center for Business Development 
The Center for Business Development provides customized support, education and training for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Meridian Technology Center’s district. Through the creation of new companies and the strengthening of existing companies, the center contributes to the expansion of regional and state economy. It also focuses on three primary activities: business coaching and consulting, business incubation and networking, and education events.

Oklahoma Technology & Research Park 
An emerging knowledge center and high-value business destination for knowledge-based companies. The park is designed to provide customized facilities for technology-based or knowledge-driven firms in all stages of development, and whether seeking a single office, a laboratory, an entire floor of a building or an entire building.

Oklahoma State University

OSU Research
OSU Research's mission is to facilitate and promote the pursuit, discovery and dissemination of new knowledge and technologies through research, scholarship, creative activities and technology transfer for the benefit of the people of Oklahoma, the nation and the world.

With more than $495 million annually in research and other sponsored programs, OSU researchers improve quality of life by bringing new technologies, processes and medicines to the marketplace. 

Selected OSU Centers & Institutes

OSU New Product Development Center 
OSU New Product Development Center links the innovative ideas and capabilities of Oklahoma's small- and medium-sized manufacturers with the knowledge and technical expertise of the land grant university faculty, staff and students. This collaboration allows for the development and commercialization of economically competitive new products and improves manufacturing practices that strengthen economies, create new and enhanced jobs, improve capital investment and increase tax base.

OSU Riata Center for Entrepreneurship 
Located within OSU Spears School of Business, the Riata Center includes a dedicated staff of entrepreneurship professionals who foster the spirit of entrepreneurship through innovative outreach programs. The team is dedicated to high-impact entrepreneurial outreach on the campus, in the Stillwater region and across America. The center is intimately engaged with the entrepreneurial community and strongly committed to creating unique, experiential learning opportunities for students.

OSU Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center 
The Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center helps develop successful value-added enterprises in Oklahoma and to bring the products, the jobs and the dollars back home. By offering large and small businesses, producers and entrepreneurs access to faculty and staff with expertise in business and technical disciplines, the Center
 strives to discover, develop and deliver information that will stimulate and support the growth of value-added food and agricultural products and processing in Oklahoma.

OSU Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are quickly becoming a tool of choice for operations across the globe. 
OSU is home to the first unmanned systems focus in engineering at the graduate level. There are also many research labs across campus that focus on various aspects of unmanned systems research. 

Wes Watkins Center for International Trade & Development
The OSU Center for International Trade & Development is a non-profit provider of export assistance to small businesses in Oklahoma. It provides advisory services in a variety of capacities and works with clients who have extensive experience in exporting as well as those who have yet to develop an international marketplace.

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